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Grammy award winning engineer, mixer, and producer based in London, England.





Oskar Winberg is a multi-platinum selling, Grammy and Latin Grammy award winning mixer, producer, recording engineer, and multi-instrumentalist. He has worked with artists such as Shawn Mendes, Sting, YUNGBLUD, Ricardo Arjona, Christina Aguilera, Jesse & Joy, James Blunt, Theory Of A Deadman, Robbie Williams, BUIKA, Paloma Faith, and many more. 


A mentee of superstar producer Martin Terefe, after five years at the helm of world-famous Kensaltown Studios, Oskar is based out of his own Mountain River Studio.

Your recordings deserve the best treatment they can get.

Let's take your tracks to the next level.

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Selected Discography

2020 Leonel Garcia – Por Ti (mix engineer)

2020 Ricardo Arjona – Blanco (musician, mix engineer, engineer)

2020 Jesse & Joy – Aire (musician, engineer)

2020 Evan Barlow – Barlow Lane (songwriter, co-producer, musician, engineer)

2020 Ward Thomas – The Space Between (producer, musician, mix, mastering, recording engineer)

2020 Leonel Garcia – Normal (mix engineer)

2020 Theory – Say Nothing (musician, engineer, arranger)

2019 Anoushka Lucas – Dark Soul (musician, mix engineer, engineer)

2019 Jamie Cullum – Taller (musician, mix engineer, engineer)

2019 Kat Cunning – For The Love (co-producer, musician, engineer)
2019 Evan Barlow – Fire (co-writer, co-producer, musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2019 Theory – History Of Violence (musician, engineer)
2019 Arlissa – Running (engineer)
2019 Kat Cunning – Birds (co-producer, musician, engineer)
2019 Ward Thomas – No Filter – Stripped (producer, musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2019 Evan Barlow – Let Him Come (acoustic) (co-producer, musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2019 Robbie Williams – Under The Radar, vol. 3 (musician, engineer)
2019 Ward Thomas – Restless Minds (co-producer, musician, engineer)
2019 Alexander Oscar – Highs & Lows (producer, songwriter, musician, engineer)
2018 Leonel Garcia – Amor Presente (musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2018 YUNGBLUD – YUNGBLUD (Unplugged) (musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2018 Josh Flowers – Lonely People Dancing (musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2018 Leonel Garcia – 2:12 (musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2018 Tom Odell – If You Wanna Love Somebody (engineer)
2018 Kat Cunning – Make You Say (musician, engineer)
2018 YUNGBLUD – 21st Century Liability (musician, engineer)
2018 Amaia Montero – Nacidos Para Creer (musician, engineer)
2017 Alice Chater – Vision Of Love (producer, musician, engineer)
2017 a-ha – Take On Me (2017 Acoustic) (musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2017 Alice Chater – More Than You Know (producer, engineer)
2017 Theory Of a Deadman – RX (Medicate) Symphonic Acoustic (engineer, mix engineer)
2017 Robbie Williams – Under The Radar, vol. 2 (engineer)
2017 Paloma Faith – The Architect (engineer)
2017 Josh Flowers – Favourite Record (single) (musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2017 Jesse & Joy – Jesse & Joy (engineer)
2017 Theory Of a Deadman – Wake Up Call (musician, engineer)
2017 Anoushka Lucas – Dark Soul (single) (engineer)
2017 Josh Flowers – Car You Drive (single) (musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2017 Leroy Sanchez – Elevated (songwriter)
2017 Theory Of a Deadman – RX (Medicate) (musician, engineer)
2017 Nikhil D’Souza – Beautiful Mind (single) (engineer)
2017 Ricardo Arjona – Circo Soledad (musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2017 Eric Bibb – Brotherly Love (Special Edition) (engineer)
2017 Ward Thomas – A Shorter Story (producer, musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2017 Ximena Sariñana & Jesús Navarro – Nada Personal (single) (musician, engineer)
2017 James Blunt – The Afterlove (engineer)
2017 Bipolar Sunshine – The Scientist (musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2017 Fred Falke feat. Jake Isaac – All Night, All Day (single) (engineer)
2016 Fetsum – Light In A Dark Place (musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2016 Robbie Williams – The Heavy Entertainment Show (engineer)

2016 Seeb ft. Jacob Banks - What Do You Love (engineer)
2016 D/C – Blinded By The Lights (single) (engineer)
2016 Bobby Bazini – Summer Is Gone (songwriter, musician, engineer)
2016 Ward Thomas – Fly Away (single b-side) (producer, musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2016 Tijn Verkerk feat. Sharon D Clarke – Take Me Away (single) (engineer)
2016 Abel Pintos – 11 (musician, engineer)
2016 Amaia Montero – 100 Metros (single) (engineer)
2016 Ward Thomas – Cartwheels (musician, engineer)
2016 Christina Aguilera – Change (engineer)
2016 Josh Flowers & The Wild – Let the Dirt Live (engineer, mix engineer)
2016 Mike Posner – At Night, Alone (musician, engineer)
2015 Zaz – Sur La Route (musician, engineer)
2015 Jesse & Joy – Un Besito Más (musician, engineer)
2015 Mike Posner – I Took A Pill In Ibiza (single) (musician)
2015 TIEKS – Sunshine (single) (engineer)
2015 Lowell feat. Icona Pop – Ride (single) (musician, engineer)
2015 Shawn Mendes – Believe (from The Descendants OST) (musician, engineer)
2015 State Line Drive – Stay Green (songwriter)
2015 Buika – Vivir Sin Miedo (musician, engineer)
2015 Mike Posner – The Truth (EP) (musician, engineer)
2014 Eric Bibb – Eric Bibb in 50 Songs (musician, engineer)
2014 Denise Pearson – Imprint (musician)

2014 Yana Bibb – Not A Minute Too Late (songwriter, musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2014 Jared Porter – East to West (songwriter)
2013 Eric Bibb – Jericho Road (musician, engineer)
2012 Glen Scott – Trust The Dawn (US) (co-producer, songwriter, musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2012 Jenny Bohman – One More Time (musician, engineer)
2010 Simon Elvnäs – Words Unspoken (musician, engineer)
2009 Glen Scott – Trust The Dawn (Japan) (co-producer, songwriter, musician, engineer, mix engineer)
2008 Eric Bibb – Spirit I Am (engineer)

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